Animal Healing Blend (internal/external) 4oz Bottle

Shungite Powder/Diatomaceous Earth


We've taken our already energetically charged Shungite powder, then blended it with Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) to create this unique energy/healing mixture perfect for our furry family members. (not limited to cat/dogs)


Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic natural substance. It's made from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. ... Diatomaceous earth is deadly to any insect, yet completely harmless to animals. It can kill fleas, ticks, lice or mites on your dog/cat.


Suggested uses:

  • External - Shake powder mixture directly onto your pets fur, then brush into/through if needed so it can reach the animals skin for best results. This will not only assist with topical parasites (fleas/ticks) but also remove any excess or heavy energies within the animals energy field.
  • Internal - Shake a small amount (use as you would table salt) onto the animals food to aid with digestive issues & internal parasites (perfect dewormer). The powder attracts protozoa, bacteria, toxins, fungi, viruses and heavy metals and eliminates them.


WebMD: "When taken by mouth, diatomaceous earth is used as a source of silica, for treating high cholesterol levels, for treating constipation, and for improving the health of skin, nails, teeth, bones, and hair."


Abstract from scientific study showing Shungite HAS an affect on cancer..."shungite was topically applied on the dorsal side of the mice for 7 days. First, we found significant improvements in the skin parameters of the shungite-treated groups revealed by the reduction in roughness, pigmentation, and wrinkle measurement. Second, the immunokine profiling in mouse serum and skin lysates showed a reduction in the proinflammatory response in the shungite-treated groups. Accordingly, the redox profile of shungite-treated groups showed counterbalance of ROS/RNS and superoxide levels in serum and skin lysates. Last, we have confirmed the involvement of Nrf2- and MAPK-mediated oxidative stress pathways in the antioxidant mechanism of shungite. Collectively, the results clearly show that shungite has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action against UVB-induced skin damage in hairless mice."


Full Study: Rats fed Shungite powder expierenced 3X life span compared to normal rats, in addition to removal of any toxins. - view study

Animal Healing Blend (internal/external) Shungite Powder/Diatomaceous Earth