Copper Tree Wrapped Shungite (2.1 lbs)


(When ordered you'll receive the exact specimen shown in photos above)


A local Mount Vernon, WA artist has copper wrapped this piece of regular Shungite. The glass owl is included but not attached to the Shungite.


This is not only a piece of art, but also an energy device. Copper moves orgone energy (the living energy around us), Shungite can ground or clear excess energies... think of the copper tree moving the orgone energy in the environment just by being present. Over time any energies in the environment that we sometimes call excess or heavy energies are drawn toward the copper tree sending the energy down into the Shungite which then assists with grounding or clearing the energies, sort of an etheric excess energy vacuum.


*The larger pieces of Shungite can contain slight color variations. This is due to the Shungite pieces being kept in their original size/shape as received directly from the mine in Karelia, Russia, no cleaning or polishing has been done. All Shungite pieces are guaranteedto pass "The Shungite Flashlight Test" which you can use to verify if you've received genuine Shungite.


*Shungite flashlight test video:

Copper Tree Wrapped Shungite (2.1 lbs)

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