Energy Intention Cards (31 Card Deck) (Includes natural burlap carrying pouch)


Using the Energy Intention Cards you'll be able to have a beneficial effect on any situation or energy you focus on! With the combination of your own intent & the layering of the intention cards you'll be combining both physics & metaphysics to energetically encourage  the most beneficial outcome for you or your situation.


There are 31 cards (including several blank cards for custom use) each with a different word/intent/energy on it. The user can focus on the intent/intention or outcome they'd like while stacking the intention cards they choose for the specific energies. Next place your chosen energy/cards, you can also include personal photos or notes in the energy layers you're building/stacking the cards in front of you on a table or other surface.


Once you've laid all your chosen cards, photos or notes on a surface you can focus on the most beneficial outcome for those involved all while providing additional energy from your chosen cards via Quantum Entanglement.


Energy Intention Card Deck was created by: Derek Condit

Energy Intention Cards (31 Card Deck)