Hexagon Shungite Orgone Device


Size: 1.5 inches across - .25 inches thick (appx) - devices will have either a hexagon pattern or bee molded on devices top side.



  • Resin mixed with Shungite Powder
  • Shungite Nugget
  • Gold Leaf
  • Tiger's Eye Stone
  • Copper Filings
  • Love & Source Energy


Our Hexagon Shungite Orgone Devices can be buried 6" deep at the (4) corners (or appx corners) of your property which will provide a sphere of Shungite Orgone influence around your entire location. Or individual devices can be used for example as:


  • Single device placed in individual rooms
  • Kept in vehicle glove boxes
  • Carried in purse/bags
  • Placed in gardens/inside plants pots
  • Under human or animal beds
  • the locations are endless!


Shungite Orgone Devices can be placed at the corners of your property to assist with clearing the orgone field of negative or disruptive energy. Orgone devices are popular as a spiritual healing tool & as protection from EMF pollution (Electromagnetic Frequencies).


Orgone devices are often called "subtle energy tools", which interact with and can attenuate the orgone, or life energy fields into a more harmonious form. These energies are also called Ch'i, Prana or Aether, these vital energies are essential to healthy life.


Our Shungite Orgone Devices are molded from resin mixed with 100% Karelia, Russia Shungite Powder, copper filings, Shungite nugget, gold leaf & a Tiger's Eye stone. We believe the intent & energies put forth during their creation matters, we concentrate on Love & Source Energy while creating our unique orgone devices.


* Shungite Orgone Devices can have a strong effect on people & their environments.

Hexagon Shungite Orgone Device