Shungite Energy Grid Kit (120 tacks are included)


The Shungite Energy Grid kit can be used as a means of enveloping your entire neighborhood with the protective power of Shungite & Silver! Simply take the Shungite tacks with you on walks, hikes, bike rides or even drives to help spread the Shungite energy far & wide!


Shungite rubber is made from our unique blend of Shungite powder & 99.9% pure silver powder mixed into a non-latex, non-toxic rubber. Once it's formed into our Shungite Rubber it adds not only a protective but a physical healing frequency to your environment.


Uses or placements suggestions:

  • Telephone/utility poles surrounding your home or neighborhood
  • Fences or trees on your property, parks or hiking trails
  • Gardens



  • Simply cut the Shungite Rubber into small pieces fitting onto the tacks (120 tacks are included), then place anywhere & everywhere you'd like to expand the Shungite Energy Healing Grid into.


  • We include more than enough Shungite Rubber to make more than 120+ Shungite Grid Tacks.


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Shungite Energy Grid Kit​​​​​​​