Shungite & Organic Beeswax Candle (4oz metal tin w/lid)


We've combined the clearing/grounding effects of Shungite with organic beeswax to create this unique environment energy candle. We take 100% Karelian Shungite powder, blend it with organic beeswax, then add 3 small Shungite nuggets to the top.


Potential uses for an energy clearing candle:

  • Burn during meditation/relaxation moments to help clear the area of excess or heavy energy.
  • Combine the energy clearing effects of Shungite with the programmable ability of the organic beeswax to help with your manifesting/creating energies.
  • Use Shungite candle in your environment to help calm energies, while focusing on your intent to help promote personal healing, both physically & energetically.
  • Can be burned during personal activation moments/meditations to encourage the release of excess energy & boost energy flows for chakra activations.

Shungite & Organic Beeswax Candle