Shungite S4 Auto Magnet


(Shungite Magnets are made with Shungite & Silver Powder (S4) Powder mixed in resin, which is a type of plastic.)

NOTE: THESE MAGNETS WILL NOT PASS THE SHUNGITE FLASH LIGHT TEST. The S4 Shungite is mixed with resin (plastic) and will not conduct the electric signal.


Place on vehicle with the side showing the smaller/silver color magnet facing toward the vehicle/device.


The Shungite S4 Auto Magnet is 1-1/2 inches tall and can be used anywhere the other magnets are used. It is also recommended for automobiles because it has a lower profile, although any S4 Magnet can be used in a vehicle. Put the Shungite magnet somewhere protected such as in the trunk where you put your spare tire, or on the inside of the car where the seats are attached to the metal slide rails. Your automobile now has a powerful Shungite-Magnetic Field protecting against all toxins including those in your gas, More efficient gas is indicated by reports of increased miles per gallon.

Shungite S4 Auto Magnet