Shungite S4 Powder (15 grams)


*Shungite S4 Powder is a combination of nano-sized particles of silver blended with a fine Shungite powder in a special process developed by Walt Silva. The addition of the silver particles adds a healing frequency to the special S4 Shungite Powder blend.


Shungite S4 Powder has demonstrated it promotes the growth of beehives, including population growth, queen births and excess honey production.


POWDER: The 15 grams of S4 Shungite Powder is sufficient to have two applications of powder in the supplied tray to accelerate hive growth and to use the rest to make Shungite S4 Paint for coating the beehives exterior.


PAINT: One bag of Shungite S4 Powder is more than sufficient for two gallons of paint. We recommend holding back a small amount in case you want to add the powder directly into a hive for accelerated growth. Add the powder directly into the water based paint and blend well. Learn more about Shungite's uses on beehives here: Shungite Beehives

Shungite S4 Powder (added Silver particles)

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