Large Shungite S4 Rubber Pad - approximately 22" x 44" - 1/16th inch thick (non-latex - 100% Silicone Based) (The larger pieces of Shungite Rubber are made to order, there can be shipping delays due to the longer curing times of the larger sizes)


  • Perfect size for nearly full body coverage while sleeping in bed, or can be placed on wheelchairs.


Adding a special blend of Shungite powder & S4 powder to rubber produced an energy field that has a unique frequency extremely compatible with physical healing. Shungite Rubber is flexible but retains it shape, is 100% waterproof & can be hand washable with mild soap. Can be cut into any size to fit your needs.


Like all Shungite based energy products, your thoughts are a powerful ingredient in the effectiveness of this Shungite Rubber field.


Personal Note: My interpretation of the Shungite Rubber is it creates an energy field that is cocoon like. You should make a mental image of what specific ailment you may want addressed and put the pad over that area (or lay on the pad). In my case it was skeletal issues; I had been going to a chiropractor every 3-4 weeks for 25 years. Since using the Shungite Pad I have not gone for the last 8 months! - Nancy L. Hopkins


(like any rubber after extended use it can tear, this DOES NOT reduce the Shungite Rubbers effectiveness)

Shungite S4 Rubber Pad Large (22" x 44")