Shungite Turpentine Spiral


Note: Turpentine Spirals are shipped to the customer in the "off" state, before use turn them "on" by using your intent.


This is an advanced Shungite device that should only be used by those resonating and understanding the following information.


The medical industry considers turpentine a potentially deadly chemical. It is made by distilling pine resin from trees. Distillation requires boiling the pine resin to abstract pure turpentine. 


Pine pitch or resin is touted as a survival self healing aid as its properties include: antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Its traditional uses include: remedy for parasites; Candida and Fungal Infections; to massage into pained joints; to treat cold and flu viruses.


Even today (in spite of dire warnings of death by turpentine) there is this claim, “Mixing pine resin and pine nut oil gives turpentine balsam in various concentrations, which possesses a more powerful medicinal effect than each of its components individually.” This product and more information can be seen here:


I asked Walt Silva to make me a Shungite/orgone copper spiral in a frequency of turpentine. What he created was a copper devices that radiates the frequency of turpentine. I wanted to know if just the energy field being emitted by a Shungite Spiral “tuned” to turpentine would enhance human health. I have “played” with it for a good 9 months and to me the answer is yes.


While understanding energy healing can be fast, I was still surprised at the swift response of healing after directing the spiral to address this or that ailment. For instance, my left shoulder was in pain (often is from time-to-time) and I simply asked to have the spiral direct its field to that area. I could immediately feel the pain subsiding and within moments it was gone. It comes back once and awhile and I just talk to the spiral again. 


I am not the best candidate for testing healing modalities as I really have few health complaints. But I am also very energy sensitive and could direct that healing field to any part of my body by essentially talking to the spiral. Instantaneously I feel energy activity in the area. And what is the healing energy field made up of? Well it carries the frequencies of what comprises the turpentine: antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These are basic ingredients to most healing.


What it cannot do is work with the skeletal system if it is out of alignment or damaged. It cannot actually repair damaged organs, although it can assist in these situations by creating a healing environment. What else it can do is up to those willing to experiment and take a chance that Nancy’s observations may be accurate. 


Those of us who live in a Shungite Reality understand how Shungite can enhance human thought. By allowing your imagination to see the Shungite Turpentine Spiral’s healing field engulfing a part or the entire body, your thoughts and healing field merge to create what some would call magical cures. But magic is simply the manipulation of energy. 


If you do have observations - good or bad - please let the rest of us know. We have a money back guarantee on all our products, which is one of the reasons I took 9 months to offer it to others. 


Nancy Hopkins February 8, 2019

Shungite Turpentine Spiral