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Shungite Water Turtle by Walt Silva


The Water Turtle is designed to produce an energy field that keeps swimming pool water purified without chemicals or limited chemicals depending upon your water source. If you are NOT familiar with Shungite, it is recommended you DO NOT purchase this product.


Testimonial from profession pool cleaner:


Alex Navarro - "Shungite seem to be doing an amazing job relating to the over all well being of the pool quality."


Dolly Howard - "The above is written and attested to by my pool cleaner on 4/3/18. He is always impressed that the chemical balance is perfect. I asked him for a testimonial and he happily agreed to write the above - his words."


Testimonial regarding the Water Turtle in a pool: 

"Nancy, today I swam again and that pool felt like heaven it was in the sunset. I felt invigorated and the vibration energy lasted for the longest time. What I am noticing is that the water is more inviting...it doesn't feel separate any more if it makes sense...the relationship with the water is different. There is a warmth and a coldness at the same time connecting with each other so you feel like staying longer in the water."


Another Turtle tester wrote:

"We live in South Florida and are constantly in our swimming pools. We had to stop swimming because my daughter developed a severe chemical sensitivity to the chlorine in our pool. After repeated exposure to the chlorine in the pool, she began having severe lung irritation to the point that she said her lungs felt like they were on fire. I also developed skin issues from the chlorine and would suffer from dry, itchy rashes after exposure. 


"When we got the turtle in our pool immediately we felt a softening of the water. It was more oxygenated and almost "silky". My daughter could now swim for hours and had no adverse reactions in her respiratory system. After two weeks, my pool man asked me if I was doing anything different with my pool because it was so clean. He reported to me that since having the turtle in my pool he has not had to put the extra chemical phosphorus to control the algae. The health benefits of this device have been extraordinary. No more allergies, asthma, red eyes and itchy skin. Best of all, we can't smell the Chlorine any more. I would highly recommend this device to anyone with a traditional pool, it is the future for safe chemical pools and is cost effective. Plus, you can take it with you to any pool or body of water!"

Shungite Water Turtle